Adobe Sign The Agreement Id Specified Is Invalid

I`m pretty new to using the Adobe Sign API, but I`m trying to get agreements on the API with an access requirement to… Agreements/ .agreementID. These are not « my » agreements – I am neither the sender nor a participant on them. However, my integration track for my account is created by « agreement_read. » Are there any additional privileges I need to do something on my behalf? Hey, for those who have this problem. The problem I had was first in my expectations for the Adobe API. You can`t view « all » agreements in an account. Even if you have account-level permissions. It`s nothing. For security reasons. Instead, you can view all the chords in an account for a specific x-api user specified in the header. The x-api user should be the sender of the original document or documents. The question then is to ask that the people`s account and agreements be returned.

I hope it helps someone. I see you have opened an MS Case on this subject, which seems to me right in this scenario. I see that the publisher is Adobe Inc. (, so we might have to involve them. I would say that we will continue with this case. Your error indicates that the convention ID is not valid, so you probably have a formatting/syntax problem in the flow actions that access the agreement ID. If you could provide an extensive screenshot of your feed and steps, as well as all the detailed error messages you will receive, we could probably help you better. Only the sender of the agreement can display agreements on the Salesforce according to version 18 and later. I use the « Manage all Adobe Sign chords in a SharePoint list » model. Everything is in place for me, except my list that I add. When I try to run the feed, I go to error 404: Action: `The specified agreement ID is not valid`.

3. If not 2, did the owner of the agreement share the agreement with you? « The Cloud Document API returned the error: INVALID_TARGET_OBJECT: Invalid agreement ID. » After the account is released, other users may view agreements via the Adobe Sign account, but not in SalesForce. Version 18 and up because it does not support account release 4. Pass the x-api-user header? (See:!/agreements/getAgreements) My client cannot sign an agreement because she receives the message « the contract ID is not valid. » Error by clicking on the View Agreement tab under the Salesforce Contract Registration. Users are advised to use the signed PDF file in the contract file to view the agreement. Adobe Sign`s system flow connector cannot successfully execute the « Recover Field Data » action if the original sender is someone other than the Flow account holder who is trying to execute the action.

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