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To achieve its objectives, Brazil intends, within the framework of the agreement, to take measures to increase the share of renewable energy in the country`s energy mix to 45%; 10% increase in energy efficiency in the electricity sector; not to achieve illegal deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon by 2030 and to offset greenhouse gas emissions from the legal repression of vegetation by 2030; restoration and reforestation of 12 million hectares (46,300 square miles) of forests; and the restoration of an additional 15 million hectares (57,915 square miles) of degraded pasture by 2030 and the improvement of 5 million hectares (19,305 square miles) of integrated arable land and livestock forest systems (ICLFS) by 2030. Contract with someone (for something) and contract (with someone) for something to make a deal with someone, produce or deliver something or do something. For this part of the project, I have to call on an expert. We ordered a new kitchen from a local contractor. Have you signed a contract with Eric for plumbing work? After a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien last week, President Bush said the two sides would “work overtime” to reach an agreement ahead of Friday`s announcement. With so many global players in so many places, it`s harder to reach an agreement – and maintain it. Today, the body is out of the interview and no longer guides the government`s progress in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. And although Brazil`s environment minister, Ricardo Salles, has claimed that the country is doing “very well” in its efforts to implement the agreement, the data is kept secret and Santos is skeptical: “I would like to know what the basis of this argument is. From where I can see, we will not achieve the goals. But we can only reach an agreement if some of the countries that have so far opposed it change their position. That`s why Chancellor Merkel acted last week in the desperate hope of reaching an agreement before the Americans raised the stakes. A meeting on September 13 between Ernesto Araújo, Brazil`s current foreign minister, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was of particular concern to environmentalists.

At the meeting, the Bolsonaro and Trump governments pledged to promote the sustainable development of the private sector in the Amazon and pledged to create a $100 million biodiversity protection fund. Although no details were offered on the deal, conservationists expressed concern about the use of the term “development” in the context of the world`s largest rainforest. For No. 2, “winning a contract” is already good or fair. It is used more often than “entering into a contract”. For example, I am confident that we will win this contract with ABC Company. “Once inside, it seems that people have a reasonable chance of reaching an agreement,” said Ira Goldstein, director of policy solutions at the Reinvestment Fund, and these agreements seem to be going on.” “We are sending a high-level delegation, so we hope to reach an agreement with the government on everything,” he said. The current government`s anti-science rhetoric is a “major setback and it`s all Bolsonaro`s responsibility,” said Alfredo Sirkis, director of Brazil`s Climate Center, a think tank. .

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