Community Benefits Agreement British Columbia

One of the main advantages of the negotiated employment contract is that the coalition has renewed its campaign against the province`s KNA. It submits that four public works projects built under the cartel have accumulated additional cost overruns of $US 384 million. SAAs help ensure that public projects are completed on time and on budget, and provide benefits to the municipalities where they are built. CBAs ensure that taxpayers` money is reinvested in local communities and that there is a sustainable heritage of experience, skills, training and employability among the workers who built the project. We will continue to identify the different perspectives of poverty-sedded residents, collect contributions from employers, the voluntary and social sector of businesses and the development community. Why can`t contractors hire whoever they want and pay what they want? In the absence of provisions setting out local hiring and union wage requirements, unscrupulous subcontractors could hire workers from outside B.C and possibly even temporary foreign workers from outside Canada. As was the case with the construction of the Canada Line. The workers were brought in from Latin America and paid $3.47 an hour. Even on site C “Non Building Trades portion of work”, 20% of workers are not B.C. Preference should be given to hiring qualified local workers in the first place, to a salary that allows them to support their families and invest in their own community. Affected workers say the CBA will increase the cost of the Pattullo Bridge replacement project by $US 100 million.

They are also concerned that 85 per cent of the province`s construction workers are not part of the construction unions required by the government`s agreement. Why it matters: The Court of Appeal will decide whether BC`s Supreme Court or the Labour Relations Council is the appropriate forum to hear the concerns of a coalition of contractors and unions about the deal. Under the government`s new Community Benefits Agreement, a new crown company, BC Infrastructure Benefits Inc. (BCIB), will provide a diverse and skilled workforce for certain major public infrastructure projects. BCIB will hire the construction workers of the project and work with unions and contractors to send labour and manage the pay slip and social benefits. During the development of the CBA Directive, we looked at the public, a large number of non-profit and community organisations, as well as the real estate development sector. We met: the signatories of the Community Benefits Agreement are BCIB and the Allied Infrastructure and Related Construction Council (AIRCC), which represents many of B.C`s construction trades. . . .

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