The Modular 28 « Fair »©

The Modular 28 « Fair »©

It is a coffee table which consists of 28 dominoes, which follows the will of the user who is able to superimpose the various modules. Without any mechanism or hardware, the table is changeable to infinity, thus integrating the notion of choice. Designed as a game, it becomes perfectly adaptable to the diversity of indoor environments and is left to the imagination of its owner.
Unique entirely handcrafted piece. Made in France..
Dimensions of one module: 1000mm/500mm/60mm
Beyond the hijacking of a known object considered to be small and fragile, the domino becomes large and stable, with a real desire to magnify the different materials.
Wood: Birch wood, plating made of smoked oak wood from sustainably managed forest
Plastic : Recyclable
Gold: 13 carats recycled white gold