Red & Gold Sunday

Red and Gold Sunday (2002) : photographic series following a performance staged in an enclosed space gilded with copper sheets.

“In her performances and videos, Beatrice Blanchard gave us to see entwined, jostled bodies in a confined space that was reminiscent of imprisonment.. With Red & Gold Sunday, series of 10 photographs, she offers us to set the states of an outcome in which the link remains invisible for being consubstantial with oneself. Image after image (with one holding a fragment of the following), no matter what (smearing pigment, throwing myself against the walls, cutting myself open from top to bottom), I carry my own fences. Knowingly parodied by the transformer, the eroticism of the body, the very carnal pleasure, does not tell us anything else. It releases us and frees us from our unbearable gravity (physical, cultural), and never send us bac, exhausted from the illusion of having escaped it for a while. “
Catherine Cazalé – Writer / Art Critic
“Halfway between photography and performance, Beatrice Blanchard offers a series of ten pictures where gold highlights the body. Imbued with intimacy, and life creating red blood, the body collides and collapses in a moving game (of light and shadow), metaphor of a human moving around and of time moving forward. The body is the subject of the work but also is the instrument- in its effects and traces. Obvious nod to Yves Klein’s Anthropometries pictures and Nan Goldin, Red & Gold Sunday places the performance in the long run, the transitional in the permanent, and thus reminds us of the peculiarity of our courses. “
Elsa Olu – Cultural Engineer / Art Critic