South Carolina Teacher Reciprocity Agreements

Residency Teacher Out-Of-State: This app is for educators who have completed a teacher preparation program through an accredited institution or who have a full qualification in another country. To qualify for a first-year certificate according to your teacher education program, you must pass the Practical II Principles of Learning and Teaching: Early Childhood Pedagogy and Practice Content Exam II Early Childhood Education. By following the traditional path, you can move from an initial certificate to a professional certificate after completing a formal summative ADEPT process in an early childhood teaching environment at a South Carolina public school. If you earned a regionally accredited bachelor`s degree from a state-recognized teacher preparation program, with field-specific student courses, that meets the requirements of Minnesota programs, you can qualify for a Minnesota teacher`s license under the graduated license structure. To earn teacher certification in South Carolina, you can earn the Special Elementary Certificate (2-6). The traditional pathway requires a bachelor`s degree and a recognized preparation program for primary school teachers. Depending on your educational experience, you may enroll in a program that offers a bachelor`s degree, post-baccalaureate certificate, or master`s degree. Admission to a teacher preparation programme requires the existence of a basic assessment of competences or the provision of sat or ACT replacement results.

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