Verizon Fios Without 2 Year Agreement

Current Fios customers can switch to the new Mix-Match plans at any time, Boulben said. And subscribers can switch from one service rate to another without penalty, and they can cancel at any time with no early termination fees. As part of the new prices, Verizon offers three Fios Internet options: 100 Mbps ($39.99 per month), 300 Mbps ($59.99) and a gigabit connection ($79.99). The telecommunications company is still giving new broadband under-fios for a one-year free from Disney Plus, an offer that currently runs until June 1, 2020. Unlimited home phone service is available for $20 per month. My advice is to stay so far away from Verizon Fios. We have them for several years and about 15 months ago, shortly after the upgrade to 50/50, we started experimenting with service delays in some areas of the house. Their solution was to install a WiFi extender that solved the problem one way or another. Now the delay has started again, and Verizon wants us to buy a new extender for $100, because technology thinks that`s the problem. Why, if I take 5 steps in any direction away from the router, the 50/50 suddenly falls in half? That`s the router`s problem, it seems. Needless to say, we are looking at other suppliers.

I can`t use Fios, I used the Time Warner cable and didn`t have any problems, but Fios is just a pain, the internet is slowing down, the arw applications terrible, the internet loses the connection despite everything is in order with the routers, the TV loses its connection to the cable box almost every time, I`m rather just an internet box and watch everything on netflix then waste time further with it. Like the rest of the pay-TV industry, Verizon felt the thorn of the rope. In the third quarter of 2019, the company recorded a net loss of 67,000 Fios Video customers – 220,000 or 220,000 (down 5%). All new customers benefit from a two-year price guarantee. Offers also include a free upgrade to FiOS Quantum 50/25 megabits per second (Mbps) Internet; FiOS TV Prime HD with more than 215 channels (over 55 in HD); and FiOS Digital Voice Home Phone service with unlimited calls nationwide.

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