Informal Criminal Agreement

one. The informal judicial system can encourage the misuse of powers; the elites of society can use their mechanisms to improve their power structure and use them as repressive tools. It can also be used by someone as a tool to get revenge on others[41]. Appropriate safeguards must be taken to prevent such abuses. An important difference between legal and formal immunity and informal immunity is that it is not binding on states. This stems from the fact that the local state prosecutor is generally not involved in the agreement between the witness and the federal prosecutor and therefore cannot be contractually bound by the federal crown`s conventions. A set of well-known ideas about criminal law is etched into the public mentality. This is essentially the premise that criminal sanctions are exceptional penalties, which differ considerably from civil penalties in the application of legislation and which are mainly used against persons who harm society by harming victims identifiable by violence or serious injury. Although this model is surprisingly persistent, almost all aspects are questionable. Beyond the distinctions that focus on the presence of identifiable victims or damages, not on risks, the U.S.

regulatory state is highly dependent on the application of criminal law, or even criminal enforcement. As its economy, population and bureaucratic capacity have increased over two centuries, the United States has reached the largest prison population in human history, with its highest incarceration rate in the industrialized world [20]. Community mediation and its role in the criminal justice system: different systems can be installed, as described above, to deal with petty delinquency at the grassroots level, which, moreover, causes serious delays in trial courts. These mechanisms can better manage conflict or violence at the family level. Domestic violence, clashes between people in the neighbourhood, violence related to the use of public facilities, alcohol-related disorders and public harassment, such as the teasing of the previous day, the scramble or destruction of the public information and dismissal system, and the management of public places of proximity, could be effectively managed through mechanisms based on the principles of community mediation.

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