Microsoft Office 2013 License Agreement Keeps Popping up

If you install Microsoft Office on your Windows operating system, you will receive a license agreement prompt the first time you open it, which you must accept for this software. This is the End User License Agreement (EULA) and you must accept it only once. You can now use Office without any problems. However, if this is not the case in your case and your Office 2013 EULA opens every time you open one of the Office components, including Outlook, you will be frustrated. Every time I open Outlook 2013 ($149.00 paid for it), a field pops up asking me to accept the agreement. I`m fed up and two hours on the phone with a so-called Microsoft expert didn`t help, she just didn`t know « why »! 3. In the left pane of this registry location, right-click the key named 15.0 and select Permissions. The following window appears: 4. In the window that appears above, in the Group or User Names section, select Users (Nom_ordinateurUsers), and then in the Permissions for Users section, select Allow to Full Control. Click Apply, and then click OK. Now open any Office component program, e.B. Word, and accept the EULA.

To your health! Annoyed me for ages and now fixed. Thank you for posting. Can you post a screenshot? It`s unlike anything you should see in Dang it, Microsoft, already accepts them! She agrees! Do you want to answer this thread or ask your own question? The Internet connection that you need to configure Outlook is required to configure each e-mail client. and automatic configuration of Outlook accounts configures most accounts for you. But. You need to use the programs that best suit YOUR NEEDS, and if it`s an open office, then you should definitely use it. Even if you continue to get the EULA window after that, try this registry fix: 5. Now, go to the same permissions window displayed in the previous step and uncheck the box you applied, click On Apply followed by OK. Close Registry Editor, restart the computer, and check the status of the problem again by opening an Office component, you will find that the problem is resolved.

1. Run Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder that contains the Office executables (i.e. the actual programs, not their shortcuts). On my system, it`s C:, Program Files (x86), Microsoft Office, Office12. (Note: I am using Office 2007. Your folder can be called Office11.) Method 1: Right-click Outlook.exe and select Run as administrator. Accept the EULA. If that doesn`t help, use method 2.

If you don`t see Run as administrator when you right-click the shortcut, use the Start menu or the start screen search box to search for Outlook.exe. If you hold down CTRL+SHIFT while right-clicking the Outlook shortcut that you use to open it, the Run as administrator link must also be enabled. Still, Microsoft Office is cool and pretty good. However, the 2003 team did this thing of authorization without really thinking about it. I hope because if they really thought about it and did it anyway……… Sigh! Let`s not focus on why this happens. It`s a Microsoft product, » he said. Instead, let`s fix the problem. Here`s how: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWow6432NodeMicrosoftOffice15.0 I just changed my password for an old Hotmail account, now I`m being asked to accept my other accounts and contacts. I do not want to give that permission. Without an agreement, I will not be able to log in to this account. What must I do? NOTE: On a 64-bit version of Windows 8/10, you may need to work with the following key instead: Well, I tried your suggestion and found that I don`t have an « Office11 » folder.

I have an « Office12 » folder that doesn`t give me the options you mentioned. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you very much. Thank you, it took barely a minute to solve the problem. Clear and correct leadership. Thank you Great for finding a « solution » that works!! Thank you very much, very much appreciated!!! Much better and easier steps than the Microsoft site. I could understand it and get there. Thank you very much. It drove me crazy. Thank you. When you right-click Outlook on the Start menu, the Run as administrator option does not appear.

I had to find Outlook.exe and right-click as this is caused by security and Windows permissions. Your Windows user account does not have permissions to write activation to the registry. This usually happens when your user account is not allowed to edit the Microsoft Windows registry. To resolve this issue, you can try restarting the system, log in as an administrator, and accept the terms again. What a ROYAL pain. Outlook is a pain – I don`t know all the geek stuff about my internet connections that I would have to provide for me to use Outlook. Ridiculous – I`m going to put down my desk and use Open Office. Microsoft is once again shooting itself in the foot. Listen to the crowd!!! You must accept the Office End User License Agreement each time you start an Office program (MSKB) Thank you.

it really drove me crazy every time I opened emails! However, they came to the rescue beautifully. A nice simple suggestion did the trick. Thank you very much. An update of my last comment: I have two « Applications » folders. The other is `Program Files (x86)`. The second folder is where I found `Office11`. I had to do some research and your suggestion worked. Thank you very much. Is this to replace Hotmail? Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to replace the Hotmail interface with Sorry. 2. Locate the executable file for each program that has this problem.

In this example, we use Outlook. Thank you! I really appreciate this fix, which also works well in Win7 with Office 2003 Small Business Edition. So simple and straightforward – worked perfectly 4. Now, close the program, wait for a while, and then run it again as you usually do (with the shortcut). Presto! No more EULA! Thank you very much! Simple but HUGE Time saving and frustration relief 1. Press the Windows key + R combination, type put regedit in the Run dialog box, and press Enter to open Registry Editor. Today I used your advice, and in less than a minute, everything was perfect. Thank you very much. Reader Jean has a problem: she has Office 2003 installed on her brand new Windows 7 system, and every time she runs it, a pop-up window forces her to accept Microsoft`s End User License Agreement (EULA). Simple but very valuable solution. Thank you very much for your help.

I don`t understand why we have to accept Outlook if we don`t like it. I want to go back to the original system. 5. Repeat the process for all other faulty Office programs. We get a lot of questions about the failure of activating Office: Numbers, even though I am the administrator and the only account on this comp, I still have to select « Run as administrator » for it to work. Well, to find out the dozen other problems that MS has thrown at me here. Bright! A big thank you to everyone who invented this! It drove me crazy and the « solution » Microsoft gave me didn`t work. I am eternally grateful. Tried several solutions (including Microsoft0.

None worked until yours. Thank you. If you are a Vista user experiencing the same issue, the same fix should do the trick. Impressive! I tried several other planned fixes, until the registry was modified, to no avail. .

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