Silver Chair

This project developed during a whole year was born from a little phrase of her son, aged 5 years at the time, suggesting to imagine « a golden carpet for the fish. » This almost surreal child’s idea, draws the creator’s attention. She then decides to design an object that can fully illustrate this naive poetry.
The result is a new mix of materials: 324 buttons gildered with silver sheets and burnished with Agathe stone stand on a lined leather carpet with vegetal tanning, all maintained on a copper tubular structure.
By buying both a paradox of contents and a paradox of means, one being hand crafted and the other one being industrial, this work puts the boundaries between art and design under scrutiny.
Game and derision are also at stake in this bold creation. The object, similar to a piece of furniture, is completely devoid of its original purpose. The chair is in fact so fragile and valuable that it is impossible to use it without distorting it. Deprived of its original function, the creation is then freed from utilitarianism. By revisiting artisanal production through absurd and poetry, Beatrice Blanchard invites us to question the destination of the objects we encounter daily, and thus confronts us with our own inconsistencies.
Height :790mm
Width: : 630mm
Length: 940mm