Tyson Foods Credit Agreement

Credit. All orders are subject to approval by Tyson`s credit service. Credit terms (including payment terms and credit limits) are defined in accordance with Tyson`s proprietary credit guidelines, which may be changed from time to time. The buyer`s credit conditions and performance are reviewed at regular intervals in accordance with the guidelines and account credit conditions may change at Tyson`s discretion. Tyson may refuse delivery or delivery at any time if the buyer does not meet the payment terms or provides the guarantee in accordance with Tyson`s credit guidelines. Tyson may require full or other warranty in advance The country`s largest meat conditioner signed a two-year long-term loan on Friday. Morgan Stanley acts as a senior agent between the company and a consortium of lenders. Cravath represented Bank of America, N.A., as an associate director in the development of a $250 million revolving credit facility, made available by Baptist Health South Florida, Inc., a non-profit health organization that manages medical spaces, surgical facilities and hospitals. The transaction was completed on June 19, 2020.

Delayed payment. If the purchaser does not make payments for a contract between the buyer and Tyson in accordance with Tyson`s terms, Tyson, in addition to all other remedies available to him, may, after his choice (a) defer other deliveries until these payments are made and satisfactory credit agreements are restored; or (b) cancel the unsured balance of an order. Payments payable are subject to the maximum interest rates allowed by law. Full agreement. These terms and conditions, as well as the buyer`s order and the sales contract or contract, if any, establish the entire agreement between the buyer and Tyson in relation to each order. No addition or derogation to such conditions, whether in the purchaser`s order, unless an official of Tyson Foods, Inc. Cravath, represented Citibank, N.A., as a director, in connection with the provision of US$550 million in credit facilities provided by Blackstone/GSO Secured Lending Fund, an external and unsealed investment company. The transaction was completed on June 15, 2020. Limited warranty. The products are sold subject to Tyson Pure Food Guaranty. If the buyer finds that one of the products does not meet the warranty, the buyer will immediately notify Tyson and Tyson will immediately refund the buyer or refund or credit the purchase price of the affected products or replace the products of Tyson`s choice. The above remedy is the buyer`s only recourse for the products` non-compliance with the above guarantee.

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