What Is A Knock For Knock Agreement

« Knock for Knock » is also used in a specific and analogous sense, for example the following, quoted in the « Law at War » of the US Military website [1]: When I pointed out the latent risks associated with the ownership or acquisition of service companies due to their potential exposure to large but largely unforeseen clearing obligations, he said, « It`s all blow by blow, isn`t it? » The answer was and is – it was, but not so much. Knock-for-Knock refers to an agreement between insurers that, in the event of an accident, everyone will defend the damage caused to the insured vehicle to them without trying to justify guilt. First, make sure that each service contract to be concluded between your service company and an operator has been carefully reviewed by a lawyer who has extensive experience working with service companies (preferably in the same or similar service line to that of the service company). and has a deep understanding of what your service company, its equipment and employees actually do on-site (and how this interacts with the operator`s role and operations). .

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