Cambodia Canada Trade Agreement

Use the drop-down menu to search for an agreement by grouping of countries, type of contract or status. Or use the filter option to search for keywords. « The bilateral free trade agreement between Cambodia and Korea will help expand my company`s export market to the Korean market by developing partnerships and creating more opportunities to promote Cambodian products, » he said. In the Economic Indicators section, data on GDP in PPP, GDP per capita in PPP, population and international merchandise exports and imports are defyed from the World Bank`s database of global development indicators as a percentage of GDP. Trade rankings for goods and services are based on Statistics Canada data. The « Ease of Doing Business » ranking is from the World Bank`s Doing business project. The Global Competitiveness Rankings are the result of the World Economic Forum`s Global Competitiveness Report. Pornmoniroth said the agreement was aimed at improving access to each other`s markets by removing tariffs and non-tariff barriers. Trade Ministry spokesman Seang Thay told the Post Office on Sunday that the two previous rounds of bilateral ATF talks discussed market access, trade, rules of origin of goods, customs procedures, trade facilitation and economic, legal and institutional cooperation. The data on trade in goods are based on tariffs; data on foreign direct investment are based on the balance of payments. Trade data on services are not available for Cambodia. Cambodia and Canada have agreed to extend a trade facilitation agreement signed between the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and the Canadian Trade Facilitation Bureau to maintain bilateral trade and economic cooperation. He said the agreement will allow Cambodia to export its potential products to the Korean market.

Export opportunities between the two countries are currently limited. Largest trade deficit in 2017: clothing and textiles with $1.2 billion The Cambodian government is also exploring the possibility of free trade agreements with India, Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan. In 2013, two-way merchandise trade between Canada and Cambodia exceeded $700 million, with Canada being one of Cambodia`s top destination countries for exports. Mr Pornmoniroth said: « I would like to thank the management of the relevant ministries and institutions, in particular the negotiating team, for their efforts to organize this treaty and actively participate in the process of negotiating this agreement, and I would like to encourage the negotiating team to continue its efforts by sticking to the directions and recommendations of the meeting so that the negotiations can achieve better results as expected. » « The negotiations on this agreement also demonstrate the strong commitment of the Royal Government in its efforts to continue its economic integration in the region and in the world, despite the difficult situation we are going through.

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