Facebook Marketplace Seller Agreement

If you sell to people residing in the European Union, the law applies to you. In addition, as a TCGplayer seller, you must follow the rules of the RGPD and follow best practices when processing a buyer`s personal data. You can get some buyer information, such as names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. It is important that you keep this information confidential and secure. Many online markets do not check products for sale. If you can, it`s a good idea to check everything you want to buy personally before spending your money. Especially before buying big tickets like cars or white goods. If part of this contract is found to be illegal, inconclusive or unenforceable, this section is deemed dissociable and the remainder of the agreement remains in force. TCGplayer`s absence from applying part of this contract does not constitute a waiver of TCGplayer`s right to apply this section or any other section in the future. By accepting the agreement to sell marketplaces, you grant the unlicensed use of all the content you transmit to us. You declare that you have all the content you transmit to us or that you have the right to broadcast the submitted content. You are responsible for any infringement of rights for unauthorized content. Customers need valid tracking numbers to know where their orders are and when they can expect to receive them.

The lack of valid tracking numbers can lead to increased customer requests and negative customer reviews. In addition, providing valid tracking numbers will help protect you from sellers who claim their orders have never been delivered. For all items sold in its marketplace, TCGplayer charges a royalty based on a percentage of the sale price, as stated in the « Taxes » document. The seller of an item is responsible for paying this tax. This tax is automatically deducted from the income you receive from a sale. Fees can change at any time without notice. The fee that came into effect on the day the deal was sold governs the transaction. Please visit the Taxes page to see the latest pricing structure. By selling an item in our marketplace, you agree to pay the fees and all collection fees related to non-payment of fees. All fees must be paid on request via your bank account. By selling an item on the site, you allow TCGplayer to debit your bank account for the amounts due. We strongly recommend that you review each of these policies, policies and agreements, as you must comply with them in order to obtain and maintain sales authorization on Facebook platforms.

Many of these guidelines apply to everyone on our platforms, while some are specific to companies that sell their products. Companies that work responsibly will have little trouble keeping up with them. Links to the full guidelines can be seen in the Read More section below. Currently, facebook Marketplace is only accessible to individuals and not to businesses. You probably buy from a private seller in the same way as if you were buying at a small ad in a local newspaper, and the « buyer attention » principle applies. There are several ways to change your Marketplace entry to attract more sellers. Try one or more of these methods and see if it works. If you buy from an individual (unlike a dealer), it`s not that simple. While the merchandise you receive must be as described to you by the seller, the seller is not obliged to disclose the errors.

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