Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (Pafta)

The first round of negotiations will take place in Lima in July. Australia and Peru have experience in the negotiations, so we hope that an agreement will be reached quickly. This contribution is intended to provide you with all the information you need about the new Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA), and what it might mean to you. During the negotiations, I invite stakeholders to present their views on the specific trade and investment barriers that the pafta could address. For more information about the submission, click here. A free trade agreement with Peru would be a new gateway to Latin America, strengthening our economic relations with the region and allowing the Australian company to develop value chains between North and South America and Asia. In 2015-16, two-lane trade with Peru was $504 million, up 19.4 percent from the previous year. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has just published a detailed review of the agreement and the PAFTA, which you can find HERE. PAFTA enables Australian companies to tap into Peru`s growing market and strengthens economic ties with Latin America. Over the past decade, Peru has been one of the most dynamic economies in Latin America. In 2018-19, Australia`s two-way trade with Peru was $656 million. This trade agreement provides Australian businesses with a gateway to Latin America, strengthens our economic relations within the region and helps facilitate value chains between America and Asia.

. The Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA) came into force on February 11, 2020. Some important points to consider outside of government documents are: PAFTA allows Australian companies to use this growing market and strengthens our economic relationship with Latin America. The Hon Steven Ciobo MP – Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment The Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement has just come into force, effective February 11, 2020. The Certificate of Origin must meet the requirements of Article 3.17 of the agreement and contain the minimum data in Schedule 3-A: I confirm that the products described in this document are considered to be originating in accordance with the Australia-Peru Free Trade Agreement and that the information contained in that document is accurate and accurate. I take responsibility for the evidence of these statements and agree to maintain and provide these assurances upon request or to provide, during the course of the audit, the necessary documents to support this certificate. A guide has been developed to explain how to determine whether goods imported into Australia are eligible under the 1901 Customs Act and the PAFTA rules of origin for preferential rates under the PAFTA. The notes mentioned in the original guide document can be made here. To apply for preferential rates under the PAFTA, the following codes should be used in the integrated freight system: please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for full information on the PAFTA. On this site, you will find a lot of information about business activities in Peru. Please check Peru`s profile under « Country Profiles. » The Turnbull government is seeking a high-quality global free trade agreement with Peru to open up new markets for Australian exporters that will create more Australian jobs. The terms of application received royal approval on December 3, 2019.

Australian service exporters could also benefit from a free trade agreement, as Peru increasingly seeks specialized services at sea.

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