Section 3 Amazon Seller Agreement

Here is the most serious part of this section: if we discover that your actions or benefits may result in returns, rebookings, claims, disputes, violations of our terms and conditions or any other policy or other risks to Amazon or third parties, we may, at our sole discretion, refuse to pay you as long as we detect any risks this entails for Amazon or third parties. Paragraph 3 of Amazon`s terms of use deals with the terms and conditions of sale, as they concern Amazon sellers and get the reinstatement of suspended sellers by writing an action plan or call from Amazon. Amazon TOS said that any Amazon account could be suspended at any time for any reason. Well, paragraph 3 changed that…. Or did he? CJ Rosenbaum breaks the new TOS. Subject to the terms of service of transaction processing (if the country chosen for a service is the United States), you and we are independent contractors, and nothing in this agreement will create a partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, commercial or employment relations between us. You are not allowed to make or accept offers or insurance on our behalf. This agreement does not create an exclusive relationship between you and us. Nothing that is mentioned or implicitly mentioned in this Agreement is intended or construed to give anyone other than the parties to this Agreement a legal or just right, remedy or claim to or from that agreement. This agreement, along with all insurance, guarantees, pacts, terms and conditions of this Agreement, must be and serve the exclusive and exclusive benefit of Amazon, you and customers. As between you and us, you are solely responsible for all obligations related to the use of third-party services or functions that you authorize on your behalf, including compliance with all applicable terms of use. You do not make a statement, either on your website or otherwise, which would be contrary to anything in this section.

… It`s annoying that no one from Amazon has commented on the thread in their forums, although it is tagged several times for mod help. This affects the livelihoods of dozens of sellers! 🙁 As far as language is concerned, it seems better than it really is. Amazon has made some significant improvements for their sellers. 2. If you have never had a separate account and you think this deactivation was wrong, please file a claim after it and confirm that this account is not yours. If we cannot justify this request, your account will not be restored and this account will not be allowed to make transactions with Amazon in the future. 1.

Registration. A brief summary: Sign up for your seller account and tell Amazon your own name, address, contact information, business information, etc. It`s routine. Welcome – Forums – Discussions on selling on Amazon – Account disabled in accordance with section 3 of Amazons Business Solutions Dear, Your Seller account has been disabled. Your offers have been deactivated. The funds are not transferred to you, but are kept in your account while we work with you to resolve this issue. Please send all current orders to avoid any further impact on your account. Why is this happening? Your Amazon account has been deactivated in accordance with Section 3 of the Amazon Business Solutions agreement. We have found that your current account is linked to another sales account that has violated our policies and is not allowed to sell on our website. As a result, you can no longer use the current sales account for sale on How can I reactivate my account? To reactivate this sales account, please follow the following steps: 1. You must first reactivate the associated account through a remedy.

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